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This is the ultimate family-friendly router.


The best home wi-fi router, period.

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Fantastically simple system offers big-time power over your household web.

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Frankly, the best Web monitoring solution I've ever encountered.

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Meet Skydog

Smart Family Wi-Fi Router and Web App with Cloud Service Subscription

Skydog Smart Router and Web App

Skydog™ is a first-of-its-kind home networking solution that allows you to powerfully, yet simply, manage your family's unique digital lifestyle.

Comprised of two complementary parts—a wireless router and an easy-to-use cloud "app" for your smartphone, tablet or PC—Skydog lets you individually personalize the Internet access of every member of your family. It provides you with visibility and control that is customized to your family's specific needs, across all connected devices.

Introducing webRover™, the Smart Way to Manage the Internet Experience of Young Children

Skydog webRover portal

Skydog now includes webRover a built-in portal for young children that offers a safe place to explore websites curated by their parents. When the webRover access policy is engaged, web browsing is automatically redirected to the personalized portal. Children can visit any website on their webRover portal, however, general web browsing is not permitted.

Parents can quickly create "playlist" of websites, drawing on recommendations from Common Sense Media and their own selections. Individual webRover portals are automatically created based on age and preference for each child.

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A Amazon ratings Home Networking Solution

Skydog boasts among the very highest user ratings on, and since its launch has consistently been one of its best selling home networking solutions.

See what actual Skydog customers are saying about the product on Amazon:

"Skydog Smart Family WiFi Router: as close to perfect as it comes"

"The future of home networking"

"The best home Wi-Fi router for your family and guests"

"The answer to safe family computing"

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Amazon reviews

A Connected Family's Best Friend

Breakthrough Features for your Digital Home

The Press loves Skydog!

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I've installed a lot of routers over the years, and this was the easiest to install by far.

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Skydog combines the router with a customizable cloud-management service and Web-based app that really sets it apart.

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I like the fact that you have made it easy.

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